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40-year-old male with Neuroblastoma

Thank you for finding you and assisting me in eliminating the side effects of my illness.

I'm 40 and I had Neuroblastoma. This is a neoplasm of the nervous system. Chemo- and radiotherapy was very difficult to tolerate, I lost 55 pounds and since I couldn’t eat I was infused in hospital for 3 weeks. I had side effects. Mouth pain, swallowing difficulty, acid secretion which caused too much saliva and stomach problems through my saliva. That's why I was scared because I didn’t want to be a statistic figure, but a healed man. I tried in vain a lot of alternative and advertised medications, treatments and capsules and I didn’t feel their effect, my symptoms were still there. A friend finally recommended me AHCC and I tried it, which almost eliminated or at least relieved my side effects and intensified my immune system. I am happy I found you and thank you for assisting me in my healing.

Sincerely and thankfully,


25 year old woman after cervical cancer treatment

Good afternoon!

Perhaps you rarely receive a letter of such a young patient, but since I have been diagnosed with cervical cancer I know more and more people with a similar problem. I'm only 25 years old. I went through an operation called a cold knife cone and I had to be in hospital for another two days. Then I began to browse the alternative therapies on the net. Although I did not have to receive chemotherapy and I didn’t have any other treatment, I decided to find something sympathetic that I’d try. I found AHCC and started taking the pills. I am convinced that this has stopped my loss of appetite, ensuring that the surgical wound didn’t get infected. I truly believe that AHCC will ensure that my results on the controls are negative. Soooo as long as I can I will take the AHCC pills.

Thanks, Barbara


Man with prostate cancer in his 30s’ 

It is said that prostate cancer is the illnes of old men still I’m in my early 30s’. 

By letting me have a bunch of trainees present during my examinations wasn’t the worse thing, but when I had to say goodbye to one of my testicles they not only dropped my ball but opened my abdomen because they were literally looking for metastases. I could not understand until now why it was necessary to do. I had serious pain, my mood was not too bright with one ball and radiotherapy fucked up my digestion. I was tired at all and I lost my appetite, all I ate came back almost immediately. AHCC was forced by my mother, because I didn’t believe in it at that time. Soon my appetite came back and after a while my digestion slowed down again. Persistent tiredness remained, but with taking AHCC it is not as bad as before. According to the control there is no cancer cell in my body and I got back four of the ten kilograms I lost. I don’t want to stop taking AHCC. I did not believe it, but I believe now because I really experienced the beneficial effects of it. I wanted to share my story, because if it helps me, it certainly will help others.

People like me, take care and take AHCC! :). Emily S.