Summer Safety Precautions for Cancer Patients #3

When undergoing cancer treatment, you make a lot of adjustments to your lifestyle. During the peak of the heat, you may need to learn some summer safety precautions as well, depending on how treatment is affecting you. Here are some common concerns to be extra diligent about during the warmer months.


You May Feel More Uncomfortable in the Heat

Anyone who has gone outside when feeling poorly knows that heat and humidity makes everything feel worse, which of course applies to cancer patients. To help, bring your own means of comfort. An umbrella can shade you from the sun if you’re suffering from hot flashes due to cancer treatment drugs, and make sure a chair is handy in case you start to feel overheated or weak. Along with these items, keep a case of water bottles in your trunk to so you can always stay hydrated and wear light, breezy clothes to soothe your sensitive skin and avoid overheating.


Additionally, during summer, the American Society of Clinical Oncology recommends that you switch up your real hair wig for a synthetic hair wig with an open-weave cap construction, which lets heat out and fresh air in. As well, when your skin is more sensitive and your body’s immunity is low, you might experience a more severe itching, swelling or reddening reaction to insect bites. Ask your doctor to recommend an insect repellent to use, and especially apply it at dusk when insect populations are high.


The trick is to be aware of how cancer treatment is affecting your body. Practice these summer safety precautions, and stay alert to warning signs so you can take action immediately and get indoors when you need to.


By Naomi Mannino,