Summer Safety Precautions for Cancer Patients #2

When undergoing cancer treatment, you make a lot of adjustments to your lifestyle. During the peak of the heat, you may need to learn some summer safety precautions as well, depending on how treatment is affecting you. Here are some common concerns to be extra diligent about during the warmer months.


Your Body May Be More Susceptible to Foodborne Illnesses

Food at barbecues or picnics is more likely to harbor food borne bacteria because of insects, being outside for too long and wind-borne dust and bacteria. While undergoing cancer treatment, your white blood cell count is often lowered, making you more susceptible to infection from these bacteria. When possible, at outdoor events, bring your own food, to avoid any confusion or fear about how the food was prepared or chilled.

You might want to avoid fresh fruit and vegetables when your immunity is lowest because mold and bacteria can collect around the stem and any bruised or broken areas, according to the American Society of Clinical Oncology. Wash all your produce thoroughly, remove all bruised parts and clean your own hands after preparation, before consuming produce. You can put a reminder on a sticky note on your crisper so everyone knows the protocol.


By Naomi Mannino,